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We hope that all of you and your families are safe and healthy as we continue to persevere in the face of this pandemic. Community Loan Servicing continues to adapt to the current situation and anticipate the future needs of our staff and our customers.  With this in mind, we are providing you with this update to our initial pandemic communication.

Our Staff – Employee safety continues to be our top priority and we are very proud of our staff, who have quickly settled into working remotely.  We have rapidly transitioned from operating under our Business Continuity Plan to the “new” normal day-to-day operations. Over 95% of our staff continues to work remotely.  While we have quickly adapted to this new working environment, there may be occasions where wait times are extended.  We appreciate those who are using our website and automated phone system to conduct normal business activities, allowing us to maximize our time speaking with impacted customers.

Our Impacted Customers – Community is here to help those who have been financially impacted by the pandemic.  For those seeking relief, Community Loan Servicing has launched an online questionnaire for our residential customers to complete in order to quickly apply for an Emergency Assistance Forbearance Plan without having to call into our call centers.  Upon successful completion of the questionnaire, those who qualify automatically receive Forbearance protection and written confirmation via a letter without having to speak to anyone or sign any documents.  It is also available on our mobile apps.

We have further information about options under the CARES Act in an FAQ available on our website at www.communityloanservicing.com. We recommend viewing this informative video about “What You Need to Know” from the CFPB:  https://www.consumerfinance.gov/coronavirus/cares-act-mortgage-forbearance-what-you-need-know/.  For independent mortgage advice we recommend the HUD Approved Housing Counseling site: https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/housing/sfh/hcc.

As mentioned in the CFPB video, we are also focused on helping our customers understand that a Forbearance is not a waiver or forgiveness of payments, but rather a temporary delay or pause in the requirement to make payments.  However, while some may be able to repay the paused payments in full at the end of the Forbearance Plan, we understand that many will not.  We will be sure to make you aware of all other options that may be available such as a repayment plan, a loan modification or other solutions that are developed in the coming weeks.  We are working with the government agencies and private-backed loan investors to maximize the options available to our customers at the end of the Plan.

Our Impacted Commercial Customers – For further, detailed information, including information on SBA relief for our commercial customers we encourage you to register and/or login to our website www.communityloanservicing.com for a comprehensive set of FAQs on this Forbearance Plan process.

In welcome anticipation of the end of this situation, Community is developing an automated process that will make it easy for our customers to keep us informed of their status and learn about the options available for them at the end the Forbearance Plan.  It will also allow our customers to indicate if they need more time on the Plan. While it is in our customers’ best interests to enter into the Forbearance Plan to avoid defaulting on their loans, it is just as important that they get back on track with their payments as soon as possible.

These are truly unprecedented times for America and the world.  Please rest assured that Community is here and will be here to help you through this time to the best of our ability.


The Community Loan Servicing Executive Team


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